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"Don't you think it's rather nice to think that we're in a book that God's writing? If I were writing a book, I might make mistakes. But God knows how to make the story end just right--in the way that's best for us."
Do you really believe that, Mother?" Peter asked quietly.
Yes," she said, "I do believe it--almost always--except when I'm so sad that I can't believe anything. But even when I don't believe it, I know it's true--and I try to believe it."— E. Nesbit

Monday, November 7, 2016

Falling Leaves

From my bed, I can see a sliver of pure blue sky through the window.  The leaves of my myrtle tree are so red they're almost purple.  The colors are quite magical together.

I have bronchitis.  I am lying in my bed, where I have been for three days now.  My art history midterm is in forty-five minutes, and even though I have a doctor's note excusing my absence, I keep having pseudo-guilt for not being there.  Fortunately, my university regards difficulty breathing as an excellent reason for not attending an exam.

I have not written on this blog for a while now.  College requires adjustments.  Some days it feels like a dog I have taught to heel; other days it feels like a slavering monster that has eaten my sketchbook, my writing notebook, and has been chewing on my lungs for a few days now.

The worst news is that some demon has possessed my library account and is not letting me request books from my sickbed.  So instead I watched four seasons of Parks and Recreation in four days like a reasonable sick person.

Convalescing in bed is dangerous because, while half of my brain is dedicated to Netflix, the other half is browsing the multitude of book websites online.  In the past two sentences, I have spent three dollars on books.  Send help.

So, here I am!  Bed-ridden, maybe.  Bronchitis-afflicted, perhaps.  But back in the blogging world?  Yes.