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"Don't you think it's rather nice to think that we're in a book that God's writing? If I were writing a book, I might make mistakes. But God knows how to make the story end just right--in the way that's best for us."
Do you really believe that, Mother?" Peter asked quietly.
Yes," she said, "I do believe it--almost always--except when I'm so sad that I can't believe anything. But even when I don't believe it, I know it's true--and I try to believe it."— E. Nesbit

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fun News from a Friend

I'm sure you all have seen this already, but Emmarayn Redding released a short story collection today, titled "The Madman of Elkriahl and other Fairytales," and the cover art is by none other than Hannah Williams of the Writer's Window!

Isn't it sooo pretty?  Congratulations to everyone involved in this project!


Jenelle Schmidt said...

Hannah is such a fantastic artist! I love everything I've seen of hers, and this cover is just gorgeous!

Jemma Tainsh said...

Amazing cover! Is there a link to investigate the book?

Emmarayn Redding said...

Hey, thanks for making this announcement! :D That makes me happy.

Hannah said...

WOW, thank you very much, Jenelle! *blushes* :D

And thank you for sharing, Allison, you're the best!