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Monday, October 19, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Blogger Awards!

That's right, it's happening again!  I am pleased to present to you the second annual Blogger Awards, your friendly award ceremony honoring the books and authors of 2015.

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This year, we will be awarding six categories:

Saturday, December 19- Best Cover, hosted by Schuyler
Sunday, December 20- Best Title, hosted by Hannah
Monday, December 21- Best Short Fiction, hosted by Ghosty
Tuesday, December 22- Best Character, hosted by Annie
Wednesday, December 23- Best Book, hosted by Sarah
Thursday, December 24- Best Author, hosted by Allison (me!)

I can't tell you how excited I am this year, readers.  Coordinating this event has been a dream thanks to the lovely hosts.  In fact, there's only one thing missing.  We have hosts, categories, and a schedule-- but we don't have the books yet!

We need nominations, and that's where you come in.  Comment on this post and tell me which author who has published a book in 2015 deserves the Blogger Award.  Then go to the other blogs and tell them your nominations for their categories, too!  Nominations are open until November 1.  With your help, this will be the best Blogger Awards yet!


Sarah said...

Huzzah! Thoroughly excited for this!
I shall return with my nominations later, after I reacquaint myself with who actually published books this year and who published books previous years that I didn't read/discover until this one.

Katie Grace said...

Best author nominations:

Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Jaye L. Knight
Nadine Brandes

Grace said...

Jeanne Birdsall (author of The Penderwicks series) is hands down the best author who published a book this year. I love her books so much and they are so good.

Jemma Tainsh said...

Yay! This looks fun :)

I nominate A E Stengl, You :) (Golden was awesome) and Hayden Ward (I think that's her name, she wrote The Wulver's Rose)

Now to check out the others :)

Jaime said...

Lisa T. Bergren
Marissa Meyer
Mary Weber

C.B. Cook said...

SO MANY!!!! :D

Marissa Meyer
Jaye L. Knight
Jill Williamson
Kelsey Bryant
Kendra Ardnek

ghost ryter said...

Anne Elisabeth Stengl...Ashlee Willis...Brandon Sanderson...annnd I can't think of anyone else at present. XD I'll comment again later, maybe. If I could, I'd nominate you. :D

Livia Rachelle said...

Jeanne Birdsall
RJ Anderson
ND Wilson

Jamie W. said...

I nominate Suzannah Rowntree ( for her novel Pendragon's Heir and novella The Prince of Fishes!

Suzannah said...

:D I've been thinking it over, and I would like to nominate Elisabeth Grace Foley, for the following reasons:

- Her work is consistently good, and improves with each new release.
- Her writing style is beautiful and a pleasure to read (and I am SO PICKY when it comes to writing style).
- Her characterisation and description, which are always poignant and sensitive.
- Her artistic vision highlighting the dignity and beauty of the commonplace.

Honestly, quiet, character-driven historical fiction is not precisely my cup of tea, but Elisabeth Grace Foley's steady excellence has won me over.

Joy said...

Firstly, I think I'd throw that nomination firstly to Anne Elisabeth Stengl! If there is any modern novelist I admire and love with her work, she's definitely that one! :D While Draven's Light may not be my favourite of her works, everything she's been writing lately has been so good and wholesome and interesting, I just love her so much!! :D

Some other wonderful favourite authors of this year would be Kristy Cambron (the Masterpiece series is REALLY good) and Suzannah Rowntree for the beautiful work she's done in "Pendragon's Heir". . . !!

Annie Hawthorne said...

Here are my nominations. And thank you so much for hosting the Blogger Awards, Allison! :)

Maryrose Wood
Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Ashlee Willis
Suzannah Rowntree

Sarah said...

I nominate:
Brandon Sanderson
Anne Elisabeth Stengl (even if I haven't read Draven's Light yet . . . that doesn't matter, right?)
Jeanne Birdsall

Hannah said...

Somehow I haven't nominated yet? My!

Well, here we go then:

Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Nicole Sager
Ashlee Willis

Allison Ruvidich said...

I'm noting all of these nominations! Keep 'em coming!

The Herosinger/Emily said...

I nominate Suzannah Rowntree. Her two books this year have been stellar.