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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Favorite Screen Characters Tag

Candice from O Ye Scribes tagged me for this about a million years ago.  It was June 1.

(Sorry, Candice.)

But better late than never, right?  Right....  Here are the rules:

-List you 10 favorite screen characters (from TV shows or movies)
-Tag 10 other bloggers

In no particular order, I present my top ten favorite screen characters:

Miranda Otto as Eowyn

She's tough, she's kind, she has awesome taste in men (let's be real here), and she wears the most beautiful dresses.  I adore Eowyn in both her book and movie forms.

Danny Kaye as Hubert Hawkins

The Court Jester is my favorite movie of all time, and no one has ever seen it!  It's hysterically funny, clever, and sweet.  Danny Kaye is probably my favorite actor.

Lea Salonga as the voice of Mulan
It's no secret that I adore Mulan.  She can fight Huns, spill tea, and save the day, all in the same movie.

Matthew McConaughey as Palmer Joss
Contact is a beautiful, soul-crushing, awe-inspiring movie about the struggle between religion and science.  It's absolutely gorgeous.  He's absolutely gorgeous.  I love that movie.  I saw it for the first time this summer, sobbed through the entire movie, and punched my suite-mate in the shoulder at a really good part.  (Sorry, girl!)

Chaim Topol as Tevye
I adore the musical Fiddler on the Roof.  It's funny, clever, and achingly sad.  And Topol plays the perfect Tevye: an honest man in an impossibly dark time.

Toothless the dragon as himself

That sassy face.  Honestly, Toothless carries the movie How to Train Your Dragon.  His depth of expression is astounding and striking.  And he's super adorable!

Harriet Walter and Edward Petherbridge
Yes, now I'm cheating and doing couples so I can count them as two.  But I really do love these two!  They play Harriet Vane and Lord Peter Wimsey, from Dorothy L Sayers' wonderful books, and are among my favorite characters in literature.  (They're pretty neat onscreen, too.)

And finally, my very favorite screen characters!

Vanessa Redgrave and Richard Harris
King Arthur and Guinevere.  Yes, I know their story is sad-- but in the 1967 version of Camelot, they are also two of the most stunningly complex, well-crafted characters I have ever seen/read/experienced.  They're gorgeous.  Legend dictates that they make improbably choices, and T. H. White (whose book inspired the musical) formed the perfect personalities to make these choices seem logical.

(Sadly, the third member of their emotional triangle, Sir Lancelot, is fairly one-dimensional.  Maybe that's a good thing.  Three characters of that caliber in one production probably would've blown my head clean off my shoulders!) 

(I should also mention that I haven't finished this movie yet.  But the first three quarters are stunning...)

(Sorry for all the notes in parentheses, but while doing research for this post, I learned that the actress of Guinevere is married in real life to the actor of Lancelot!  !!!!)

So there you are, readers: my top ten favorite screen characters.  I'm not going to tag anyone in particular (sorry!), but please do play along!

I am also going to take a moment here to wish a happy birthday to my father.  You're the best, Dad!


Sarah said...

Awesome choices . . . I don't know a lot of them, but oh well.

Allison Ruvidich said...

TOOTHLESS. I love him. So much. : D

Jemma Tainsh said...

I like your picks :)
Eowyn is awesome! And Toothless............ :D I love the bit were he smiles at Hiccup :D :D

Some of my favourite screen characters would be Toothless :D, Han Solo, Mr Watson (Jude Law, Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) and the Mad Hatter, Peregrine Took
and probably a whole lot more :)

Jemma Tainsh said...

And Pascal from Tangled :D :D

Jemma Tainsh said...

3rd comment, I keep forgetting stuff.
Happy Birthday to your Dad, I hope he had a great day

Candice Williams said...

Awesome choice of characters! I love Toothless!!