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Yes," she said, "I do believe it--almost always--except when I'm so sad that I can't believe anything. But even when I don't believe it, I know it's true--and I try to believe it."— E. Nesbit

Friday, September 4, 2015

Nightstand Books: September

Happy September, readers! I'm wearing a sweater, drinking hot cider, and gazing out my window into a sea of burgundy leaves... no, I'm kidding. It's 85 degrees, and even though I'm still wearing a sweater, it's decidedly less romantic.

Here is this month's Nightstand Books, inspired by Jenelle Schmidt and D J Edwardson.

First we have Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen. For the majority of my adolescence, I staunchly disliked Jane Austen-- then I read Persuasion, and I loved it. Really, I think it's such an easier starting point into her novels than Pride and Prejudice (where I started). I decided to read this book because of this amazing article by Rosamund Hodge.

Next comes Beauty, by Robin McKinley. The theme of this month seems to be books-by-authors-whom-I-vowed-to-dislike. I tried Beauty around the same time I tried Pride and Prejudice and, unlike the rest of the world, could. Not. Stand it. So now, a little older, I'm giving it another try. Don't make me regret it, Beauty...

I'm reading The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, for school. It's one of my Awesome Dad's favorites, and one that I was quite sure I would not like. I'm still not in love with the style, but it is largely proving me wrong! Happy days.

Going Postal, by Sir Terry Pratchett, is one of my favorite books in the world. I'm reading it aloud to my Wonderful Mother.

The Lives of the Saints, edited by Michael Walsh: I'm being confirmed in the spring, so I need to pick a patron saint. I always assumed that I would choose Saint Thomas Moore, but now I'm not so sure. So I'm frantically skimming this book, trying to find my ideal saint.

And finally, my Bible. My progress is still stubbornly arrested by Wisdom of Solomon. Alas!

That seems to be all this month. What are you reading?


Jemma Tainsh said...

Yay! I love Nightstand books posts
Mansfield Park is good, I listened to it while doing a puzzle.
I hope you like it! Going Postal is so awesome!!!!!
What do you do when you are confirmed?
Good luck with Solomon.

I've just finished War and Peace, I am so excited! I finally finished!
I've also just started Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones.

Have a good week!

Sarah said...

What makes Persuasion an easier entry into Austen's work than P&P? Out of curiosity?
Beauty is on my TBR list as well, since I got it for free from my library's summer reading program. And Going Postal is awesome. *nods
My list for this month is a wonderful mix of rereads and books-I've-been-wanting-to-read-for-ages-but haven't. :D

Allison Ruvidich said...

@Jemma- In my church, you're baptized when you're only a few days old. So now that I'm old enough to understand what I'm doing, I'm going to be confirmed into the faith. It's terribly exciting. : )

@Sarah- I've always found Pride and Prejudice... shallow. I just want to slap some sense into everyone involved! And Persuasion is also like that, to a degree, but there's a lot more emotional tension between the characters.

Have a great month, y'all!