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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Summer Begins...

One of these days I will be able to write a post without first apologizing for how long it's been since I've posted.  This, alas, is not that day.  Sorry! 

As an extension of this apology, I must explain that I had a bad semester.  Not a-few-late-nights, a-few-scary-deadlines: full-blown, hysterical busyness, and the feeling that I'm juggling too many balls and one of them is about to drop and explode like a glass Christmas ornament.  It was so crazy that I'm turning into one of those people who manages to work their course-load into every conversation.

Friend: So-- 

Me: Not well.  I took too many classes this semester.  I don't take weekends anymore, or afternoons, and I have rehearsals most evenings.  If I ever want to take this many classes again, don't let me.  I promise here and now that I will take the easiest senior year ever and try and enjoy myself before college.  Don't even get me started on applying for college!

An awkward pause. 

Me: And how are you? 

That, my friends, was my semester. 

But today I turned in my English 112 final, which means I am officially On Summer Break.  (Except for literature.  But that's so fun it's practically not a class.)  It means all sorts of exciting things, like I can read whatever I want to and write as much as I want, and I can stop complaining about deadlines for at least three months. 

But it also means that I am at a loss, because my hands are suddenly full of this exquisite stuff called free time, and I've forgotten what I used to do with it. 

It's not that I won't have a busy summer.  I have been accepted to a six-week summer school called Governor's School-- if you're not in North Carolina, you probably haven't heard of it-- and I'm trying to figure out how I will occupy this blog for those six busy weeks.  (I'm thinking of writing short essays on book series that many of us know, in the hopes of sparking some debate and conversation.)  But my summer isn't busy yet, and I want to kick it off with something more exciting than cleaning out my closet and buying summer clothes. 

Are any other students out there feeling the same way?  How do you cope with it?  I'm trying to cultivate an interest in something fairly mindless like rereads or a TV series to pass the time; does anyone have suggestions? 

Happy summer!


Sarah said...

Sorry you've had such a rough semester. *hugs* I hope your summer is incredibly amazing to make up for it.

My summers come gradually, generally, because my classes don't all finish at the same time. (Benefits of my method of homeschooling- I just work through the lessons and I'm done when I'm done, and if "done" happens in January/February, all the better.) So, I'm not overwhelmed with free time. Even if I was, my library stack is usually big enough that I have no question of how to deal with it. :D

Other suggestions, besides spending all summer with your nose in a book (not that doing that is a bad thing . . . but variety is the spice of life):
-Start going for daily walks/bike rides (didn't do last summer, but did one or two summers before- hopefully it'll happen this year).
-Online games are, if you find the right ones, addictive, relatively mindless but still challenging enough that they're not boring, and generally a good way to occupy time you don't know what to do with. I can recommend some of my favorites if you like.
-Join a roleplay. Or two. Or several. Not exactly mindless, usually (it depends on the roleplay), but really fun (if you find the right roleplay).
-Similar to a TV series: the Lizzie Bennet Diary on YouTube is a fun modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice. (Warning: there is some strong language, and references to sex outside of marriage. So, yeah. It's still fun to watch. There's also an Emma retelling, Emma Approved, made by the same people. It's good, but I haven't finished it because, well, I'm not a fan of the original story and Emma kind of drives me crazy. :P But what I watched was good.)
-If you don't already knit, crochet, or do some kind of craft like that, learn. It's fun, especially if you listen to audiobooks while you do it.

Hope those suggestions help!

Daniel Phelan said...

Allison, have you watched either The Tudors or The Borgias? I've seen neither, but they sounded very you-ish. (Right up your alley, that is.)

Books, obviously. Have you read The Glass Dragon by Irene Radford? What about any of the Norton Anthologies? Those are thick but amazing. The English Literature one, ninth edition, is just over three thousand (wow!) pages and filled with ancient poetry (some before even Beowulf) to Medieval epics to Renaissance novels and dramas. I have a copy of an early edition (second or third, I think) if you want. ; ) I also own one of American short stories, which tend to be newer (19th and 20th centuries, mainly). What about King Arthur? Or maybe Robin Hood? The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss? I also own a world religions guide by Robert Pollock, also something you may borrow/have if you want.

Do you still play violin? Sing? Other instruments? Act?

Sorry about your insane semester--I can relate!! But congratulations on Governor's School! Good luck there.

This is a long comment, so I'll wrap it for now. Have a nice day!!!

-- Danny

Allison Ruvidich said...

Thank you both so much! I am jotting down these suggestions, and my week looks much more exciting now. : D *hugs*

Emma Clifton said...

Oh my gosh, I totally understand!!! I'm in the same place. i have two APs down and one left next Friday so i have so much more free time now! It is beautiful but also baffling. I spent yesterday sleeping in, cleaning my closet, and reading Seraphina. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to just sit down and read (for fun) for several hours.
Have you read the manga series Full Metal Alchemist? I don't read a lot of manga, but I'm really enjoying it. It's hilarious, has an excellent plot, and the characters are amazing. (The art is good too). Oh, and have you watched the show Merlin?

Allison Ruvidich said...

Haha, I know! It's kind of amazing, and I'm totally at a loss. Today I reread a book. Reread!!!

I've tried manga maybe twice, but not recently. I'll have to try it! : D

And yes, I have suffered and recovered from an addiction to Merlin. : D Although I haven't seen the last season... I felt like it got a little serious, and I missed the silliness. Maybe I should rewatch earlier episodes... : D

I really love that all my friends understand what I mean. : D